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MPPT Regulator & PWM Controller : Icon Explanation

12V Battery System This device is suitable for 12 volt rechargeable battery systems.
12/24V Battery System This device is suitable for 12 volt and 24 volt rechargeable battery systems.
2 Stage Charging System The device will regulate and charge your battery, then halt charging to ensure your battery is never over charged.
48V Battery System The device is suitable for 48 volt rechargeable battery systems.
Anderson Plug The unit has one or more Anderson plug style connectors built in, meaning you can easily plug in your 12 volt and 24 volt off-road/rugged style connectors. It also means you have the luxury of standardising to one type of connector for all of your accessories.
Australian Owned This product is 100% Australian designed and owned ensuring the highest quality most technologically advanced product is now available to you.
Boating The device can be used for marine applications both on and off shore. The printed circuit board has a high tech coating to protect it from corrosion, prolonging the life of the unit.
Camping and caravaning The device is suitable for rugged applications such as 4WD camper trailers, tenting and caravans. The printed circuit board has a high tech coating to protect it from corrosion, prolonging the life of the unit.
Data Display The device has an LCD so the user can easily check on various systems operations such as charge current, battery voltage and more.
Data Port Using our communications adaptor (optional extra) you can fully configure your regulator or download up to 400 days of solar data. Data fields such as Min/Max battery voltage per day, Amp hours in/out per day, time to float and more can all be downloaded into a .csv file.
Multi Battery Technology These units are designed and are suitable for Deep Cycle, Float and Automotive Cranking batteries of the following types.

- Flooded Lead Acid (wet)

- Sealed Lead Acid (vented)

- Gel Cell


- Spiral

We recommend configuring the four charge state voltages on the regulator as per the battery manufacturers data sheet.
Multi Stage Charging This smart feature is designed especially to prolong battery life by maintaining the battery like an expensive smart battery charger would. The device has 4 user programmable charge settings. Boost, Absorption, Equalise and Float. For ease of use, the unit will come pre-configured with standard Multi Stage Charge settings, but these can be modified by the user to best suit the selected battery if you wish.
Rugged Construction Our highly talented engineers also design and build current generation military computers for the Royal Australian Navy, who demand the highest quality and most rugged construction methods. This solid state, rugged design methodology flows into our solar product range to deliver a truly tough unit suited to the harsh Australian environment.
Smart Protection Circuitry We have all made mistakes before. Our SPC technology protect the unit from accidentally reversed battery or solar leads. It also has a high level of lightening protection built in.
Street Light Ready Street Light Ready
Temperature Compensation A fully programmable temperature compensation algorithm contained in this unit helps ensure your battery won’t cook during high current charge mode or on those stinking hot summer days. This feature can be programmed onboard or via the PowerSTAR software facility.
True MPPT Guarantee A guarantee from us that this regulator has our awarding winning MPPT technology inside, offering up to 30% more power extraction from your solar array.
Weather Resistant

The device has a high tech coating on the printed circuit board to protect it from the elements, but it is not submersible. The device has a splash shroud or similar protective shield. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth and can survive in light rain if drainage is adequate and it remains upright.

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